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Stepouts for my

Tangles, Fragments, & Strings



Tangle or Tangleation?

The entomologist in me just had to have

a six-legged tangle!


Fragment or String?

This is inspired by the Catalan ceramic mosaic style of the same name made famous by the benches and other details at the Parc Güell in Barcelona, Spain. Trencadís means broken, and anyone who has ever broken pottery to make mosaics knows that no two pieces are alike. Use Trencadís to fill backgrounds, provide texture to an area on your tile, or fill it with your favorite patterns, fragments, or tangles.



Tangle or Tangleation?

Sometimes Knightsbridge just wants to loosen up and run off on its own, exploding whimsically around its edges, blooming with joyful expressions

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