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Welcome to Certifiably.Zen.Doodly

where you will be able to sign up for classes by Danielle DeRome, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher). As a CZT, Danielle teaches according to the Zentangle® Method which is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. "Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at Certifiably.Zen.Doodly also has a growing line of handmade products available at a dedicated Etsy shop.

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Danielle DeRome

Your Teacher and Fellow Artist

Danielle loves to play with color, whether it's the sharp contrast of black and white or any part of the rainbow. She's been a Certified Zentangle teacher since 2015 & is influenced by her travels & multiple artistic disciplines - Zentangle, paper, ceramics, glass, copper, acrylics, gelli printing, watercolors, plant dyes, mosaics, camera, books, as well as countless wonderful colleagues and friends.

@certifiablyzendoodly on Instagram, Facebook, & at


The Doodle vs. the Tangle

Whether we are doodling or tangling is a question of purpose, philosophy and, sometimes, of simple semantics. Doodling is a mindless pastime - like a student’s marginalia on notes, handouts, or textbooks. It consists of random marks and, therefore, cannot be taught to someone. We may or may not repeat the marks and make a pattern. Doodles may obviously represent a person, animal, or thing, or they may be non-representational, but they are not typically displayed or sold as art.

Tangling, on the other hand, consists of mindfully drawing 3-7 step patterns that can easily be repeated again and again. Zentangle® patterns have nonsensical names so we do not attach meaning to them. The purpose of Zentangle is to relax the tangler. The Zentangle Method® consists of a ritual that begins with the clearing of clutter from our physical and mental spaces. The ritual continues with mindfully centering on what we are grateful for, our time, and our tools. Certified Zentangle Teachers have been trained in the Zentangle Method and how to provide our students a step-by-step approach to tangling. We use free-hand methods and simple patterns done directly in ink. “There are no mistakes in Zentangle” is our mantra, which enables us to observe our perceived mistakes as opportunities for growth and discovery.

To become a Certified Zentangle Teacher or CZT requires considerable commitment. I am proud and feel very privileged to have trained in person with the founders of Zentangle, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. I could never have acquired the understanding of Zentangle and ability to impart the Zentangle Method just from reading books and watching You Tube videos or even from taking in-person classes from some other CZTs.

My professional tangler name, @certifiablyzendoodly, is more mindful, complex, and philosophical than just silly. “Certifiably” plays with my certification as a CZT as well as the lightness of heart and mind with which I approach Zentangle, art, and life in general. “Zen” is the peace and calm with which I practice Zentangle and teach. “Doodly” is, again, a reference to my playful, lighthearted nature. While I have doodled plenty as the lifelong student that I am, as a CZT, I am fully committed to the mindfulness of Zentangle and the countless opportunities it inspires.


More About Zentangle

"Draw Something Beautiful with Zentangle - You'll Feel Better" by Paula Bramante

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