Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring!

What a relief to have finished report cards. The best part is the inspiration that comes from seeing so much growth and persistence and to be able to celebrate that with students and their parents!

A couple of new sources of inspiration have come my way. The Travelling Tangles Project group on Facebook presents an interesting challenge. Connect with fellow tanglers from around the globe. Tangle half a tile for them, then send it off. They do the same. When their tiles come in the mail, finish them. Stopping tangling half-way through a tile is much harder than I expected. Here are the before and after shots of a tile I received from Karin Tarter.

And here are the before and after images of a tile from the founder of the Travelling Tangles Project, Stephanie Jennifer:

Adele Bruno's Tickled to Tangle blog has finally come to my attention. She has a fun weekly challenge called It's a String Thing. My first response has been to her Pi Day challenge #136 with a Pi-shaped string:

Having finally decided to try making tangled gems, here is a practice tile:

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