Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where to begin? Any place will do. Wherever you are. Pick a point and start drawing. Let your pen pull you into a pattern that soothes and delights you, that excites and surprises you. Let your mistakes happen; use them to challenge your resilience and commitment. Above all, have fun.

 zentangle for Carol

 washi doodle 1
Position washi tape on square coaster; then doodle with a Sakura Pigma Micron 05.

washi doodle 2
brown washi tape

 going in

doodle trees

 in progress: cup for M.1
Dollar Tree cup washed then doodled with ultrafine-point Sharpie. 
Let sit x 24 hours then bake at 225ºF x 2+ hours.

  in progress: cup for M.2

 in progress: cup for M.3

 doodle 1

 doodle 2

doodle 3

tangle for Dodie
Pigma Micron 05 on drawing paper
mounted on hand-painted canvas cube
(acrylic paints sprayed with Krylon Crystal Clear)

bracelet tangle for Susie
Ultra Thin Sharpie on white Shrinky Dink

 cup for Nancy.1

cup for Nancy.2

doodle for Chelle.1
regular Sharpie in purple & lavender

doodle for Chelle.2

glass (frosted and gold-painted) ornaments decorated
with Ultra Thin and regular Sharpie
some accents in silver and red Sharpie








regular Sharpie on cardboard coaster




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  1. Your work is just beautiful. It is obvious that your art comes from your heart through your hand to you pen on paper. Very nice. Thank you for sharing your gift.